Food Choices

After air to breathe, our food is the most important factor to sustain life. Food is not only a matter of survival but should also be a source of joy and happiness. In the past, our food resulted from a harmonious relationship with nature.
This has changed dramatically under the influence of strong economic forces. Despite how it may appear, much of the food consumed today is no longer sustaining life; on the contrary, it is contributing to the most massive destruction of life in history.

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Our food choices
are responsible for:

  • Destruction of whole essential eco-systems on land and in the oceans
  • Global warming, toxification and pollution of the environment
  • Rapid depletion of essential natural resources like clean water and fertile soil
  • Mass extinction of essential forms of life like animals and plants
  • Condemning countless animals to a short life in misery after which their life is taken
  • Emptying the oceans with methods causing irreversible harm
  • Hunger and starvation of fellow human beings
  • Human health problems of body and mind on an epidemic scale

The good news is that we can reverse this trend of mass destruction by adopting a sustainable lifestyle and even enjoy more our food

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Sustainable &

For Quinta das Águias life sustaining food is free from ingredients of animal origin, uses organically grown fruits, vegetables and legumes and avoids highly processed food.

The credo of Chef
Joep Ingen Housz

Food should be healthy for body and mind.
Food must be ethical, not causing suffering.
It has to be tasty and a joy to eat.
Preparation should be easy and done with love.

Try Our Best

Quinta das Águias cuisine has its own identity and is much appreciated by our guests. The secret of a well-balanced vegetarian/vegan meal that satisfies the needs of body and mind is the right combination of ingredients in the right proportions.

A meal should at least contain pulses, vegetables and cereals, optionally completed with seeds and nuts. Our dishes are mainly made from scratch, avoiding the use of processed food and undesirable additives. We use mostly organic, locally available common ingredients instead of exotic or expensive ones.

Spinach Pie Vegan
Veggie Burger
Bean Stew
Chocolate and Coconut Muffins
Chickpea al Forno
Bean Pâté
Salty Muffins
Breakfast Smoothie

Vegetarian Club

Our Club's main objective is to gather people who share the same passion for food and cooking and get them to cook together in Quinta das Águias, where they can share recipes, experiences, ideas and try new recipes in a culinary laboratory.

In each meeting, a different team of 2-3 chefs will prepare a meal at Quinta das Águias for a group of twenty friends, who will try the dish, learn the recipe, give suggestions, etc.
The challenge of Quinta das Águias Vegetarian Club is to develop and publish a series of recipes for Paredes de Coura’s Vegetarian Gastronomy, using local ingredients, as well as to organize workshops, open to the community.

If you’d like to be a member of Quinta das Águias Vegetarian Club, please contact us.

(No previous experience in vegetarian/vegan cuisine required).

Donating = Loving

To pursue our mission, we need your help. You can contribute with a donation using PayPal or checking our “How To Help” page to find out other ways to help.

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